Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing treats a person’s energy field both externally (the aura) and internally at specific energy points or centers (the chakras), by placing gemstones or crystals on or around the body.

  • Crystal Healing has been used for thousands of years and by many civilizations, to bring about healing and enhance wellness.
  • Even in the modern day, crystals have many other applications due to their scientific properties e.g. clocks, LCD screens, ultrasound.
  • Crystal Healing treats a person’s energy field externally (the aura) and internally, at specific energy points or centers (the chakras), through the placement of gemstones or crystals on or around the body.
  • Every crystal is unique in formation, appearance and vibrational energy.  These qualities translate to specific ‘healing properties’ that can be used to address different issues with the body, mind, emotions or spirit.

​​How it can help:​

  • The base vibrational frequency of the human body changes all the time and is dependent on many factors e.g. stress, environment, health, and mood.
  • In contrast, the vibrational frequency of a crystal remains constant due to its structure.
  •  A person’s energetic field (which extends out further than the actual body), is altered by the energy of the surrounding environment and this in turn affects the vibrational frequency of the body.
  • Think about how you feel at the beach versus a noisy crowded room.  Just like the beach or crowded room can alter your vibrational frequency, so too can a crystal when it is placed in close contact to you.
  • By placing crystals on the body’s main energy points (chakras), the strong, constant vibration of the stone can help to balance or regulate the energy flow in the person’s body or help to clear blockages, resulting in profound healing results. Crystal Healing can assist in stress reduction, relaxation and overall wellness.

What to expect:

  • Prior to the session, I will discuss any issues or concerns that you may be experiencing.
  • During the session, I may use light touch or pendulum work to identify areas of need regarding your energy flow.
  • Small gemstones or crystals may be placed on or around your body at specific points.